The sun’s energy may be the single most renewable form of power known to our planet, and researchers at the Applied Research Center are leading the way in making the most of solar energy.


Although the basic technology is far from new, continued refinements in design and production are improving the efficiency and lowering the cost of solar materials. The research underway in our laboratories will expand the practical opportunities for solar and expand its role as powerful source of energy for the foreseeable future.



Researchers at the Applied Research Center are actively seeking improvements in the efficiency and reliability of all types of wind turbines — from land-based to offshore to urban rooftop models.


As the world becomes increasingly dependent on tapping the wind’s potential to meet its energy needs, the ideas and innovations developed and tested here will make the most of this very renewable source of energy.

Equipment Reservations

Hitachi’s next generation Cold Field Emission SEM offers unmatched low‑voltage imaging and comprehensive analytical microanalysis with the uncompromised performance of CFE. Approved users are able to reserve ARC's SEM.

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Scientists are exploring safer, more efficient ways of producing and storing hydrogen.

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The ideas and innovations developed and tested here will make the most of renewable sources of energy.

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Tapping into the tiniest of radio waves offers huge potential for many facets of daily life, from reliable energy sources to the detection and treatment of illnesses.

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With an emphasis on specialty materials, our ceramics research focuses on the uses and applications of Porous Wall Hollow Glass Microspheres.

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