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Supporting All Levels of Education

A key element of the Applied Research Center’s role is supporting efforts to expand and empower STEM instruction at all levels of education in South Carolina and beyond.




Within ARC, educators will find a 2,000-square-foot lab focused on serving the needs of K-12 schools and higher education, including technical colleges. The laboratory offers opportunities for both hands-on instruction and distance learning. Educators can also tap into the expertise of professional researchers at the Savannah River National Laboratory and others using ARC’s facilities.


The ARC’s state-of-the art conference facility is ideal for educational uses, bringing learners into an environment devoted to the advancement of science. Our meeting room can accommodate up to 125 students, and is wired for abundant audio-visual capabilities. Our full kitchen is ideal for caterers, and our commons area provides space for displays of student projects.


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Equipment Reservations

Hitachi’s next generation Cold Field Emission SEM offers unmatched low‑voltage imaging and comprehensive analytical microanalysis with the uncompromised performance of CFE. Approved users are able to reserve ARC's SEM.

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Scientists are exploring safer, more efficient ways of producing and storing hydrogen.

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The ideas and innovations developed and tested here will make the most of renewable sources of energy.

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Tapping into the tiniest of radio waves offers huge potential for many facets of daily life, from reliable energy sources to the detection and treatment of illnesses.

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With an emphasis on specialty materials, our ceramics research focuses on the uses and applications of Porous Wall Hollow Glass Microspheres.

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